VirES for Aeolus - New release (v2.1)

In our previous post you have the chance to have a more in depth look at the VirES for Aeolus service.

The project with ESA does not only cover operations but also evolution. For us as well as for ESA it is very important to allow room for evolution. Possible features are discussed and selected for implementation based on multiple aspects. The main focus here is user feedback, the evolutions are intended to better support user needs to make the live of scientists, citizen scientist, students, and anyone interested in data monitoring of our planet easier.

At (opens new window) you can now have a look at the new features or get to know the platform if you have not had the chance yet!

If you find your work could be simplified or streamlined with an additional feature or some new configuration options or similar please don't hesitate to contact us under

All right, enough preamble here is a short overview of the new features. For all details (as well as previous releases) you can have a look at the changelog (opens new window).

Multiple changes were introduced to the globe visualization to allow easier "publication-ready" image creation. The background color can now be changed and a new image export function allows higher quality saving. To make labels more readable independent of what is being shown a light white background was added to them. Finally two new layers were introduced, one to show latitude, longitude graticules and the other to show calibration and validation sites. When clicking a site a bounding box will be created automatically to help filtering Aeolus data for that region. Here is an image bringing all together!

As for the analytics panel a new logarithmic colorscale has been implemented. This is also done directly in the web-gl shader, as the linear scale, so it should have very little performance impact.

All right, I think we are getting a bit long here, so briefly some other highlights:

  • A new unit conversion option was added for each parameter which allows to multiply the values by user defined power of 10
  • The analytics panel has a new parameter mask functionality for L2A products
  • Multiple new parameters for L1B, L2B, and L2C products are now available through the client

That's all for now, again we love your feedback, so feel free to contact us if you have comments related to VirES for Aeolus at Keep an eye out for release information on the blog!